About Wi-Know

1. About Wi-Know, and Our Target Audience
All work and no play makes us all dull! Wi-Know is a Wine Blog that we started in 2006 to share insights from 40 years of wine adventures. Those adventures include seeking–and finding–great values in wines, and introducing new regions and flavors to friends around the world.

Our target audience is anyone who is interested in the world of wine. Readers include beginners, wine experts, wineries, importers, distributors, winery representatives, and just interested folks like us. We encourage your comments!

2. Who are we, and what qualifies us to opine about wine?
Stacy Goff’s passion for wine is what keeps him somewhat sane in his work as a global Project Management consultant (see Stacy’s professional bio).

Rose Johnston, Stacy’s spouse, has a great nose for wines, plus a strong grasp of the descriptors that  distinguish wines. She is a professional writer, a writing coach, and has earned a certificate in Ghost Writing (see Rose’s LinkedIn page).

Stacy bought into a wine shop (in Denver, Colorado) in the mid-1980s, to explore unique wines from different regions of the world. Together with Rose, the two have enjoyed visits to over a thousand wineries in more than 25 countries over the last 40 years (almost always spitting). We prefer bold red wines, but enjoy an occasional white wine to cater to Rose’s wider interests.

To share the joys of wine, Wi-Know has expanded our correspondent staff.

In addition to Stacy and Rose, we have added Jan Beks, the Wining Dutchman, our European  Correspondent. Jan is a recent convert to the world of wine. We find that recent converts sometimes have the greatest excitement, compared to those of us who have gotten blase’ to the excitement of wines. Welcome Jan!

Saving the best for last, Jouko Vaskimo is from Finland. While Finland does not currently produce much wine, that may change as global warming takes charge. In fact, we recently met in Iceland, to verify the vineyard potential in the vast areas of undeveloped permafrost. Jouko travels around the World to taste wines, but his favorite approach is to drive all over Europe, and stock his cellar with the best wines he can safely carry home in his car.

We each consider ourselves to be wine enthusiasts; we are not wine snobs. We respect the tastes of others, rather than forcing our opinions on you. That is the beauty of wine: There is something for all, and for all occasions. With Wi-Know, we hope to help you grow or sustain your wine enthusiasm, too!