Maryhill is 2014 Winery of the Year

A winery that we frequently visit, Maryhill Winery, in Goldendale, Washington, was recently honored as the Winery of the Year for 2014.  A press release for the San Francisco International Wine Competition, in making the announcement, reported …

After judging more than 4,500 wines from 1,400 wineries, 26 states and 31 countries, the Tasting Panel Magazine at the 2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition awarded Washington state’s Maryhill Winery as “Winery of the Year.”

Maryhill WinnersIn addition, Maryhill won 30 awards for its wines, including four gold, 11 bronze, and 10 silver, two “Best of Show” honors and three double golds:

• Best Mourvedre (97 pts): 2011 Mourvedre, Rattlesnake Hills
• Best Grenache (95 pts): 2011 Grenache, Proprietor’s Reserve, Columbia Valley
• Double Gold (95 pts): 2011 Syrah, Classic, Columbia Valley 

You can see more information in the Goldendale, WA newspaper.

Why do we visit this  winery so frequently? We have several reasons! First, it is an excellent winery, with a wide variety of great red & white wines, in value and collector ranges.

Second, I grew up 22 miles away, in The Dalles, Oregon, and even though we (Rose and I) have  visited over a thousand wineries around the World, this one always makes a convenient and informative tour for our periodic visits back home.

Recent visit to Maryhill Winery

As you can see from the photo, this winery is also fun! Rose, Camden (my Nephew) and Jan (our Wining Dutchman reporter) are enjoying their tasting. Jan, the smart one among us, is clearly eyeing the next taste he anticipates.

Here is another reason why we keep coming back to this winery: the winery’s staff is absolutely wonderful! And, their patio has a nice view, has a cover to protect us from the  sun, and is a perfect place for a picnic. We usually bring some of the picnic  ingredients, then supplement them with interesting purchases from the winery’s small shop; plus, of course, one or more red and chilled white wines. We  have enjoyed this picnic setting (at this counting) six times, with up to 10 people, and it is always wonderful!

We heard about this award, as 2014 International Winery of the Year, when we visited the winery this month, and we’ll return again next year, to see how they follow this achievement; congratulations! To learn  more about this very interesting winery, see their website!

See our initial post on Maryhill Winery, Absolutely ZinFul, from our first visit to this winery, in 2006. We won a special award from the winery for that initial post; the award entitled us to some nice Maryhill Winery glasses, and a discount on their outstanding wines. Thank you!