Maryhill Winery Follows up in 2015

It is difficult, as  to top out, as Maryhill Winery did, in the San Francisco International Wine Competition ‘2014 Winery Of The Year’ award. Not to worry: Maryhill Winery followed up in 2015 in fine fashion. First, the Wine Press Northwest Magazine named Maryhill as 2015’s Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year. See the press release, and a good background on Maryhill Winery at the Wine Press Northwest magazine’s website (sorry, that link is no longer available).

And now, you have a way to taste some of those award winning wines, that we wrote about last year, and tasted this year. Maryhill Winery opened their Reserve Room, a 1200 square foot room that offers tastings of a rotating selection of their best wines. Of course, there is an additional charge, but visitors can apply the $20 fee towards purchase of the wines. 

We moved to the Reserve Room after enjoying our traditional tasting at the main tasting room. Our Reserve Room host, Rick Newton, was a gracious, knowledgeable, and entertaining person to talk with; and the wines were great! Thanks, Rick!

One challenge that we face with Maryhill Winery ‘keepers’ is that we buy bottles for our cellar in Colorado, that we don’t taste for 5-10 years. We can only guess what they will taste like, based on their less-dear siblings. Then, when we discover we love them, it is too late to get more! The Reserve Room helps us solve that problem; thanks!

The Maryhill Winery Reserve Room is open Friday through Sunday, and other days by special appointment. Learn more about the Reserve Room at this link on the Maryhill Winery website.